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Remote, Hybrid And Distributed Teams: SAPIENS - The Training & Adaptation Program.

SAPIENS is a training and adaptation program developed by Jackstien Practices for employees and supervisors. Extensively researched and expertly formulated to ensure that your remote, hybrid and distributed workforce thrives as one.

What is SAPIENS?

SAPIENS is designed and developed by the award winning team at Jackstien Practices and is the ONLY truly all-round training and adaptation program for remote, hybrid and distributed teams and organizations.

If you represent an organization that can benefit from professional adaptation training to improve productivity and cohesion amongst your remote teams and their supervisors, SAPIENS is for you. 

If you are a supervisor or team leader looking to improve management of personal and your remote or distributed team’s productivity and performance, SAPIENS is for you. 

If you are a remote worker looking to improve your work environment, relationships, communication, quality of life, health and all-round understanding of a distributed environment, SAPIENS is for you. 

SAPIENS Addresses Every Challenge of Remote, Hybrid and Distributed Organizations

Sustain a truly productive work environment; arm every stakeholder in remote and hybrid teams with the essential tools for the Future of Work.

Employees, Supervisors, Senior Management and HR get the training and tools needed to productively enjoy the future of work by understanding and overcoming challenges while boosting productivity.

Remote Work, Hybrid Work & Distributed Team Challenges for Organizations

Do some of these issues below impact your organization? 

Employee Engagement Weakening?

Do remote teams feel unengaged, detached, disinterested and uninvolved?

Time Discipline Impacted?

Do deadlines keep getting regularly missed, impacting client and product outcomes?

Collaborative Tasks Delayed?

Do you find it hard to get people and teams to work together cohesively ?

Lowered Trust?

Does lack of trust and understanding seem to lead to tasks get delayed?

Company Culture Difficult to Maintain

Does it feel like people working in silos with no commonality in aim or culture?

Creative Input Waning?

Does creative collaboration seem like an uphill challenge in a distributed structure?

Communication Difficulties?

Do more channels of communication seem to actually reduce the accuracy of communication?

Low Responsiveness?

Do you find it hard to get people to be present or get responses when needed?

Struggling to Maintain Team Spirit?

Does your team actually feel like a team? Or just people who happen to work for one organization?

Difficulty Integrating New Hires?

Do new hires feel lost and disconnected from the larger goals and aims of the organization?

Overcome Proximity Bias, Lead Remote Teams Better.

Communication, Coordination and Performance Management In Distributed Teams.

SAPIENS guides supervisors and teams to understand and overcome intricacies and challenges of distributed work structures – from performance to productivity to personal to people management.

Team Spirit, Culture & Cohesion in Remote and Hybrid Structures

Practices, resources and structures that make true team spirit amongst distributed teams a reality.

Understand every aspect top-down, with scientific explanations traced down to ground realities to bringing in team and organizational cohesion.

Team Spirit, Culture & Cohesion in Remote and Hybrid Structures

Practices, resources and structures that make true team spirit amongst distributed teams a reality.

Understand every aspect top-down, with scientific explanations traced down to ground realities to bringing in team and organizational cohesion.

Privacy, Confidentiality, Security In Remote Environments

Understanding impact in a remote, hybrid or distributed structure.

SAPIENS explains how new challenges and risks arise with use of technology in the New Normal, and ways to deal with them in a remote, hybrid and distributed environment.

SAPIENS Addresses Every Problem of the Individual

Help employees progress productively and successfully into the Future of Work.

From communication, collaboration, calendaring, ‘zoom-fatigue’, personal finances, time management, ergonomics, work-life and everything in between, SAPIENS is truly the only comprehensive gateway for remote workers into the Future of Work.

Remote and Work From Home Challenges for Employees

Do some of the issues below impact you or your employees?

Feeling Disconnected?

Do you feel isolated from others? Or even from your team and organization as a whole?

Collaborating Too Tasking?

Does every task that involves working with others feel overly taxing and difficult to complete?

Communication Becoming a Pain?

Is there often a gap between what you intended to communicate and what was understood ?

Career Progress a Concern?

Does it feel like the chances of career progress depend more on 'face-time' rather than work?

Anxiety or FOMO?

Does a sense of anxiety or Fear of Missing Out seem to accompany work and last long after?

Spontaneous Conversations a Memory?

Do you miss the 'water-cooler' conversations and spontaneous interactions?

Avoiding Creative Exercises?

Do you feel it impossible to 'create' without being in the same room at the same time?

Procrastination Pandemic?

Do you find it chronically difficult to get things done, or even to get tasks started ?

Work-Life Separation Challenges?

Do you find yourself checking email in the middle of the night or unable to focus in the day?

Health Quality Impacted?

Does health and fitness feel worsened by back-aches, bad sleep, dry eyes, weight gain and lethargy?

Effectively Embrace the New Normal

Understand what changes and what stays the same.

Understand the reasons why work, health, professional and interpersonal issues occur in remote and distributed teams and how to overcome them.

Time, Space & Anxiety Management in Remote and Hybrid Work

Understand yourself and your relationship with work, supervisor and teams.

Understand the impact of remote and hybrid work structures on the cycles of work, time, schedules and personalities in a distributed team and how to adjust.

Time, Space & Anxiety Management

Loaded with practical advice and scientific explanations.

Sapiens helps to positively manage individual personalities and productivity in a distributed team.

Improved Mental and Physical Health

Flexibility with a worsened state of body and mind is no flexibility at all.

Understand your body, mind, health and ergonomics. Learn how your remote working environment should be structured to your advantage. 

SAPIENS Addresses Every Problem of Remote, Hybrid & Distributed Teams.

Whether you are the Human Resources manager, a remote employee, a supervisor (or all three), SAPIENS is uniquely designed to help significantly elevate Communication, Collaboration, Team Cohesion, Trust, Video-Conferencing Fatigue, Work-Life, Working Environment, Ergonomics, Health, Recognition, Mentorship and Personal Finance.

SAPIENS Is Truly Effective.

The SAPIENS Training and Adaptation training isn’t just a generic behavioral training; it is based on scientific study and deeply focused on helping ALL face challenges specific to the Distributed Future of Work.

Organizational Plus Individual.

SAPIENS connects how our individual challenges affect the organization and vice versa.

Past, Present and Future.

SAPIENS explains the impact of our anthropological origins, from cavemen to office goers to remote workers.

Professional & Personal.

SAPIENS explains how remote and hybrid work impacts the intersection of personal and professional lives .

Teaching, Not Preaching.

SAPIENS does not preach what to do, but explains the 'why' so that you are truly armed.

One, But Not The Same.

SAPIENS accounts for different team and supervisor personality types.

Organizational Perspective.

SAPIENS explains the impact of individual behavior on organizational outcomes.

Work-From-Home Special

Remote and hybrid work is much more than work-from-home, but we have dedicated sections for WFH too.

More Freedom - Flex and Finances.

Understand the cost associated with the increased flexibility and financial freedom (hint; its minimal).

One Person, Many Roles.

SAPIENS helps your remote and hybrid workforce adapt as individuals, as team members and as supervisors.

A Renegotiation of Rights & Obligations.

Remote and hybrid work benefits all - understand the renegotiation of rights and obligations on both sides.

A 360 Approach

True understanding come 360 degrees. Understand all perspectives with case-studies through-out.

The SAPIENS training integrates the employee, supervisory, organizational and HR perspectives into case-studies to demonstrate the path forward.

A 360 Approach

An all-rounded training for the remote and hybrid workforce

The SAPIENS training is supported with regularly scheduled programs to apply, supervisory best practices, communication scripts and structures that provide behavioural nudges.

A Long-Term Approach

Understand the massive changes to work and to life, and the cost-benefit in the long run.

SAPIENS explains how organizations and individuals ultimately win as benefits mutually cement over the long term. 

A People Approach

People vary; by age, personality, seniority, gender, economic status, geography or philosophy. 

Understand these differences, how to overcome them and ultimately, how to see them as a perk of remote and hybrid work. 

A People Approach

We assist you with resources and strategies to make distributed team spirit a reality!

Programs, advise, practices, tips, tricks, understanding, analysis, individual wiring, communication, collaboration and everything
that matters.

A Scientific Approach

Not just learning, but understanding for the remote and hybrid workforce.

Experiencing the pain and benefits is easy and normal. True adaptation comes from an understanding of how we, the SAPIENS, have evolved to why we feel as we do.

A Real Approach

Generic advise that is ‘30000 feet in the air’ is easy. We do the hard work.

We do not give vague and generic suggestions. Instead, find practical and pragmatic tips, tricks, scripts and illustrations from experts who can speak from experience.

A Real Approach

We do not give advise that is ‘30000 feet in the air’.

Practical and pragmatic tips, tricks, scripts, examples, illustrations, activities, case-studies that are relatable and realistic; from people who can speak from experience


Specifically tailored trainings for employees and supervisors, including;

  • Origins, How We Are Built.
  • Team Work, Team Spirit, Trust, Cohesion.
  • Video-Conferencing Fatigue.
  • Spontaneity, 
  • Work-Life, 
  • Working Environment, 
  • Ergonomics, Health.
  • Recognition, Mentorship.
  • Personal Finance & Economics.
  • Complex Systems.

SAPIENS - The Training & Adaptation Programs for Remote, Hybrid & Distributed Teams.

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“Tell me ‘what’ and I hope to remember. Teach me ‘why’ and I promise to learn.”

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